Existing institutions can increase the speed and ease with which they can extend product ranges or expand their channel availability to deliver what their customers demand. New entrants can get up and running quickly and cost effectively with a fully hosted technology solution, a modular approach  leveraging proven components, and offered on pay-as-you-grow approach aligned to business volumes.

Features of Agiliti Include:

  • Reduce spiralling costs by eliminating recurring capital expenditure and aligning costs to business outcomes
  • Outsource both the building and operation of a technology platform
  • Provide transparent levels of service
  • Match channel capability to consumer needs and provide tailored solutions
  • Provide robust recovery and resolution plans
  • Constantly meet compliance requirements by providing reliable, real-time data and a process-driven activity audit facility
  • Agiliti was developed in consideration of the requirements of the FCA, PRA and Bank of England.
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